Data Sources For Our Main Infographic Used As of May 2016

For all the data used on Funeral Costs over 117 Years

We would like to give accreditation to the following sources

1900 content was From

1960 data source From

converting the exchange rate over the years as the dollar /pounds exchange fluctuated see rate here

1980 information content and timelines

1982 answers gained from

2005 welfare cost to council was gained from

PDF and Very Fine Details From

Sun Life and Royal London annual surveys into the cost of dying “SunLife Cost of Dying Survey 2014

With Further Help an excellent source of funerals over the last 117 years from


Further Help and Guidance to Planning a Funeral


If you want to be buried on private land, have your ashes scattered at sea,or scattered or buried in a public place you’ll need to check with the Environment Agency first.

For more information on woodland burials,
If you want to be buried at sea you can find details on the Marine Management Organisation’s website at:

To find a celebrant to help you plan, write and lead a funeral service, ask a funeral director for recommendations, or

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