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Welcome to Prepaid Funeral Plan.Org  Wish to design your funeral plan by yourself? We are a UK funeral service provider that provides prepaid funeral plans in the UK. We help individuals who wish to arrange their own funeral plans in a unique way. We provide them a medium through which their funeral service can take place peacefully. They can pay in advance for their funeral so that it takes place in a problem free environment. This also helps the relatives in their hour of crisis.

When we say you can design your own funeral plan, we mean it. Our consultants will gather all information about what type of funeral you wish to have on your final journey. Whether you want a standard economical funeral or a custom made one, we can deliver it to you. Whatever plan you choose we will offer our professional services for that. Our clients can choose their funeral director according to their wish and the best part is that you will plan it at today’s price.

Choosing a funeral plan Silver service, Gold Service and Platinum service. The plans depend on the type of funeral you want and on the amount of money you want to spend. You can select your coffin,the flowers, list of attendees, the obituary notice and many more. You will remain involved in arranging the kind of good bye you want during your final hour.

Very soon we are launching another facility for your clients. You will be able to arrange for your funeral through your life insurance policy. You can make the payments for your funeral as well as memorial service as we offer memorial service, through credit and debit cards. Your money will be completely safe so do not worry. We provide all kinds of bereavement support plans in your hour of need.

Do not waste any more time and book a funeral plan online and a memorial service online at
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