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Prepaid Funeral Plans Avoid a Financial Burden on Relatives

Welcome to Prepaid Funeral Plan | Preplan your funeral, no hidden costs ? no nasty shocks for your family to fork out THOUSANDS of pounds, We provide low cost alternative to funeral expenses that could cost your family £5k + we provide pre-paid funeral plans in the UK.

Peace Of Mind

We help individuals who wish to arrange their own funeral plans in a unique way. We provide you a medium through which your funeral service can take place peacefully. You can pay in advance PrePay or A Funeral Insurance Plan

Guaranteed to Cover Future Funeral Prices

Funeral packages helps avoiding large financial burden that could be left on your families shoulders when arranging a funeral, protect your loved ones from rising costs why not Compare Funeral Costs at todays prices & save 1,000s today

So that it takes place in a problem free environment. This also helps your relatives in their hour of crisis.. Give us a call on 0207 193 6360 OR fill out the form for a quick free quote.

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    We go through our list of Funeral Plans and Funeral prepayments we have compared and found the VERY best for you, We guarantee that in 5 years 10 years or 20 years time your funeral would be a lot more expense

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    Choosing a Funeral Package is easy and is often the first step in buying peace of mind. in your families hour of crisis. they should be grieving! not worried how they are going to
    Pay For The funeral !

    Apart from Prepaid and funeral packages we offer for both Under 50 and Over 50 there are more options which we can discuss directly with you through all prepaid funeral plans low cost starter packages on OFFER right now

    What our customers say

    I’m incredibly impressed with how professional, detail-oriented and yet friendly every single person at this company is. I spoke today about a plan for me and signed up all covered

    Samuel Bibi,Leicester

    I now have a wonderful plan set up for me and my wife so that I know our kids, no matter how old they are, will have a lot less worry when the time finally comes. Now I have peace of mind

    Sean Wade,Hampshire

    When I called for a price quote I honestly figured it would be out of my price range since I have a limited budget; but I was incredibly happy and surprised to find it was incredibly affordable.

    Melissa Hudson,Gloucestershire

    The cost of an unexpected funeral can really break a family, financially and emotionally, but thanks to this wonderful website

    I know that if something does happen they’ll be ok.

    Declan Pearson,Northallerton

    Very pleased with how handled a very delicate matter as planning enough finance to cover my own funeral, glad i found the site and i am now totally covered …..

    Matthew Rothwell, Croydon

    I used the online apply form, and a had a quote within 30 minutes. great quality professional service pleased i am covered a weight off my mind now

    Nicola Woodfield, West Wickham

    I was nicely surprised by the price quoted and even more blown away by the sheer attention to detail.

    A very professional company that I would recommend to any other person i know.

    Oliver Holder, London
    What is a Funeral Plan?

    A Funeral Plan Is

    • A contract provided by the (Funeral-Plan-Provider)
    • That agrees to provide a funeral as specified in their contract,
    • To Provide you (The Customer)
    • This entitles and pays for a (Funeral Director) to Manage

    On the death of (The Customer) a prepaid package that pays for the costs highlighted at the time of ordering ,

    This entitles and pays for a funeral director in your area to fully manage the process from A to Z

    Your local Director will organise all arrangements on the pre planned day in question

    What’s included in Funeral Plans?

    Funeral plans allow you to cover the costs of your funeral upfront and allow peace of mind. all plans vary, depending on the provider

    But Generally Include Things Like

    A funeral director oversees , the coffin, church service and a procession / cremation. Some additional

    Costs are not Generally Included in Packages,

    Such as the cost of flowers, gathering etc so it is important to confirm what will be included in your plan with your advisors first.

    This will eliminate any unexpected costs for family members in the event of your death.

    What can I expect as part of the plan?

    This does vary depending on your provider but can include things like:

    • Transportation of the deceased.
    • Arranging family viewings of the deceased
    • Arrangements for the funeral director, hearse and procession
    • The arrangement for charity donations at the funeral
    • Bereavement counselling for loved ones
    • Arrangements for the coffin and preparation of the body
    • The cost of cremation is typically included in the cost of a pre paid plan
    What does the Funeral Plan Cost?

    There are so many factors to consider with Pre Paid Plans & Costs.

    Not only does one need to consider the type of funeral –

    • Whether it is burial,
    • Cremation
    • Or something else,

    But one must also take into account whether the costs are paid upfront and how far in advance or monthly payments

    Packages can be taken out and paid for in advance,

    Whether this is for yourself or for someone else.

    These policies will freeze the price from when you purchase the plan until the funeral is required. Buying a plan in advance will save loved ones the worry and of course the cost of planning your funeral, and gives you the comfort that you will receive the send off you require.

    Pre paying costs are usually between £2000 and £5000.

    The Min Breakdown Prices Includes

    • Doctors fees for a death certificate £165
    • Cremation fees if applicable £600
    • Minister fees religious or secular £150

    Other non essential prices include but are not limited to
    Naturally, these costs vary a great amount depending on budget and size

    An advisor will discuss in a lot more detail and tailor the plan around you personally

    Why Compare Funeral Plans !

    Because You Have

    A choice of whole of market and best understanding of what’s on offer out there

    An advisor will then do the hard work for you and gather a lot of companies packages and inclusions that tailored to your personal circumstances in the UK

    So Best Fit For

    • Short term payments  12 months
    • Long term payments up to 10 years
    • Paid in full packages

    To give you a trouble free journey with all preparation handled with care and attention required and the best bit could save you upto *£6250 over the next 25 years ! * future costs and savings on interest if paid in 12 months or paid upfront

    Over 70 Prepaid Funeral Plans

    Think funeral plans for over 70s. A great time to start is now

    Maybe discussing it with your family would make it easier and everybody would be clear on what you wanted. If you don’t have a laptop or access to one, family members could be useful place to start and help you to look up and discuss with you all your funeral options.

    Prepaid funeral plans for over 70 are a good choice and you will freeze the costs TODAY

    If you speak with our prepaid service operators you will find them to be experienced, kind and understanding. They are trained to speak professionally to you so there are no doubts about any plans prepaid for over 70 options Once that is all done, you never have to give it another thought and save a lot of money before needed

    Funeral Plans Over 80

    A life of eighty years or over deserves to be celebrated. Funeral plans pre-paid for over 80 year-olds most typically feature both burials and cremations depending on the wishes of the deceased and his or her family.

    Funeral plans for over 80 year olds can be a quiet reflection on the life that has ended and a time to remember the loved one who has passed away. there is never a good time to discuss But freezing funeral costs at today prices saves a lot of money when this is required in the future

    Over 60 Plans Prepaid

    Are you over 60 years old thinking about a funeral plan and need more information at we are here to help and care very much about not only planning the correct service for you but saving a large amount of money because if you take out a policy today ITS ONLY TODAYS PRICES you pay nothing more been over 60 we have plan to suit you at 2016 prices only

    Why is it a GOOD Investment !

    YES Because

    If you took out a pre paid package now and in 25 years later the plan is required ?

    From previous data and increases shown over the last 20 years

    Its estimated that there will be an increase of around £5,000 pounds more on top of today funeral costs.

    BUT you immediately LOCK down your plan at TODAYS PRICES

    Then gain further savings and could save a lot more money over time,

    Why waste that money and not still keep that in your inheritance you pass on !

    Is It Guaranteed to Pay Out!

    All holders for a Pre paid Funeral plan Investments are 100% safe and secure in a trust fund. Managed by an independent panel of qualified Trustees. For customers’ protection, the trust is, and always will be, entirely independent

    Can My Plan be Personalised

    All Fully approved funeral directors in your area

    Which are provided for with your funeral package

    Will try their best to fulfill any special requests thats part of your funeral circira,

    They will try and honour, examples been

    • Music
    • Way You Are dressed,
    • Walked by the Hearse


    Please ask your advisors at the point of discussing options and highlight any special requests required to clarify if they can be included …….

    Can I Pay in Full and Save More

    If you would like to pay

    • A one off,
    • A single payment
    • A lump sum
    • Or spread the cost at no extra charge over 12 months

    You could spread the cost over a longer period for an additional charge.

    But you will save well over £1138 over a 10 year period if you JUST paid upfront with no added charges inc and at todays prices!

    • You would not only save on the future price,
    • You will have no added charges,
    • A WIN WIN !

    If you have allocated funds available,

    So you could also SAVE an extra £6,138 if this prepaid funeral plan is not required for another 25 years !

    Better Value adding that amount saved into your will :-)

    Over 40 Funeral Prepaid Plans

    Funeral plans for over 40 year olds can be highly financially rewarding as you will save a fortune well over £7,000 saved if not required for over 25 years .It is simple to arrange and by paying ahead now with a prepaid plan or major providers who offer monthly plans period over 1, 3, 5, & 10 years :-) So why not compare the UK’s best leading funeral plan providers. Get a free quote and start saving today SO freeze the total costs at today prices

    Over 50s Funeral plans

    Funeral Pre-paid plans for over the age of 50 Our Plans relieve the massive financial burden a funeral can often present when required . you can pay in full or spread the cost over 1-10 years or over a longer period, there is never a good time to start but because you lock down the exact funeral at 2016 prices and not pay a penny more this is a great way to not only save money but leave the savings in your Will, WHY waste your hard earned money

    Under 50s Prepay Plans

    Are you under 50 thinking about a funeral plan? need to know what your options are which plans are best? why not let us compare all for you ! what length of time to take them out for and mainly the costs and service you receive we are here to help to offer advice on the best planning from experience operatives in this specialist field of funeral planning where we care and take this matter very seriously take action and save thousands been under 50 and looking at funeral plans could save you over £7000 over 25 years

    Pre-Paid Funeral Plans - Why are They Value For Money?

    One inevitability in life, is that at some point we will all die. We therefore need to make plans today for when that day arrives. One such necessity is organising and paying for our own funeral.

    When deciding upon what funeral service or provider to use, one important consideration is how much is a funeral going to cost me. We are all living in frugal economic times and need to save money whenever possible, as well as making our money go that little bit further. There are many options out there when it comes to paying for a funeral. One payment option that is fantastic value for money and a great way to save thousands it is widely accepted as the most convenient choice, called a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan.

    full future planning for a funeral

    What are Funeral Plans?

    As the name suggests, this type of funeral plan is when you pay for your funeral in advance for all Itemised Costs Many of the UK's top funeral providers offer Pre-Paid Funeral Plans, such as Co-Operative Funeral, Dignity, Safehands, Golden Charter and SunLife. All will have differing time frameworks in which payments can be made. Some will allow you to pay upfront in full or back over several years while others may have a six month time frame. Therefore you need to look carefully at the time frames that are given in order to make your chosen payments BUT remember you lock down and Freeze costs at today's 2016 Prices

    plan Your funeral and pre pay the total at todays cost ONLY

    Why are PrePaid Funeral Plans value for money?

    There are several reasons why taking out this type of plan is very good value for money.

    Rising Funeral Costs - Today the cost of a basic funeral is around £3,700. Each year it is expected that the cost of a funeral will rise by ten percent. One of the major financial benefits with Pre-Paid Funeral Plans is that once you take out a plan, the amount you will pay is fixed. So if you took out a plan today, as opposed to in three years time, you could save as much as £1,100.

    No Set Up Fee - What this means is that you only pay for the funeral plan that you wish to take out, you do not pay any interest. So no mater if the plan covers six months or two years, you will only pay for the cost of your funeral, no more.

    Manageable Costs - If you take out a plan and wish to make twelve monthly payments, then the overall cost is simply divided into 12 equal payments. This ensures that you can carefully budget for your monthly payments and take out a plan that meets your financial needs.

    What Are The Other Values Associated With This Type of plan?

    Pre-Paid Plans are incredibly practical. They allow you to pay for your funeral see all terms and FAQs well in advance at a pace and price that suits you. With so many Pre-Paid plans out there for you to choose from, you will be bound to find a plan that will suit your personal and financial needs this excludes flowers for the funeral service which is your personal choice

    Another huge benefit of this type of funeral plan is that it will give you peace of mind. Paying for your funeral upfront will allow you to know that your family and loved ones are no longer left with the financial burden of paying for your funeral once you die. This will also allow them to grieve without the worry of having to find money for associated funeral costs.

    Pre-Paid Funeral Plans are advantageous in so many ways. They are highly valued in terms of the amount of money that you can save, flexibility of payments and choice that is available. Take a look at the leading UK funeral providers to see what their Pre-paid plans can offer you today. at the end of the day we would like you to live longer

      Prepaid Funeral Packages


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