Getting to Know Funeral Plans Better and Why Should you get Funeral Plan Cover

Life is uncertain, death can occur anytime. And with funeral costs rising every year, it is best to go for a prepaid funeral plan. This isn’t a ‘pessimistic’ way of viewing things, i.e. arranging for one’s funeral in advance, but rather a practical one because the average cost of funeral has risen by almost 89% since the past decade!

This rate is even higher than inflation and by the next decade, there might be another 100% increment in funeral costs! Thus, it makes sense to go for a prepaid funeral plan in advance so that you can pay for the costs at today’s prices.

When Opting for Funeral Plans for under 50s

it is best to go with a reliable and trustworthy funeral specialist. Choosing one that has experience is a good idea because the company would be capable of understanding your needs and helping you with the future funeral arrangements and associated legal matters.

There are generally two options to choose from when planning ahead for a funeral: funeral plans for over 50s and under 50s. These days, the plans for under 50s have become quite popular as more and more people are understanding the concept of inflation in funeral prices and hence signing up for these plans is regarded as an important part of one’s financial protection and planning requirements.

Funeral plans for under 50s are a mode of investing against funeral costs in the future. Thus, just like any other investment, you can spread the costs over a period of years. It is important to keep in mind that the longer your payment time period is, the more would be the total amount repayable. Of course, if you have the money for it then you can also have the entire payment made at a single go, but this is something that very few people opt for.

Now, There are Different Types of Plans to Choose From

when it comes to funeral plans for under 50s. On an average companies generally offer 4-6 types of plans. The more extravagant the plan, the higher would be its cost. In general, a funeral plan would include director’s fees and services, standard coffin, cremation/burial costs and bereavement assistance.

If you opt for deluxe or more expensive plans then you will be able to get limousines, fancy oak coffins and other additional services. Also, with more expensive plans, the company would also be willing to travel for a longer distance to collect the body.

When you go for funeral plans, you will also be reducing the burden on your loved ones in the unfortunate event of your death. After all, these plans take care of the expenses, therefore your family or loved ones wouldn’t need to bother with making payments during a period when they are emotionally drained. Irrespective of when the funeral takes place, you can rest assured that the company would take care of the predetermined costs and matters.


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Average Cost of a Funeral Now and in say 10 years!

The average cost of a funeral now and in say 10 years is on a steady rise. Several funerals firms for instance the Merseyside funeral directors warned on Liverpool news that the cost of dying is set to rocket. An average funeral now is estimated to cost £7,600 and thousands are belligerent to even afford a befitting send off. Despite the lowest recorded mortality rates for Wales and England, the cost of dying has risen steeply over the recent years.

Prepaid Funeral Plans

A variety of world class firms such as the co-operative funeral care offer prepaid funeral plans. Their set funeral plans ensure planning a funeral exceptionally straightforward. Every crucial service is taken care of, including your own special touches. It also offers tailor-made funeral plans that let you personalise each daily aspect with regards to your own choosing.

It offers memorial masonry plans that ensure different ways to evoke a loved one with an exclusive range of plaques, headstones, benches, vases and small statues all prepaid for. This plan lets you rely on the firm when you need it most, making it affordable, as you can spread the cost over a long span of time.
The prepaid funeral plan enables you to arrange a funeral with utmost respect, care, reassurance and clarity.

Our prepaid funeral plans helps to save your money and your loved ones from worry.

Pre Pay Funeral Plans

Death and taxes are the only certain things in life. It is sensible to protect your loved ones and family, such that when your time is finally imminent, the people you care for maybe spared of any financial hardships. It’s therefore considerate to pay in advance for cremation or burial insurance cover. Prepay funeral plans safeguards your family from the colossal expense of paying for your burial, whose average cost has now risen to an outrageous£7,600. This would be tricky especially if your family expects low income.

PAYG Funeral Insurance Plans & Packages

Pay as you go (PAYG) is a system used by funeral insurance firms. Individuals are allowed to make regular payments towards the insurance firms expected annual agreed instalment. It only applies if you earn investment or business income. You will be notified to begin payment by instalments under the funeral firm PAYG instalment system. You can view, pay, lodge, vary as well as manage all your PAYG instalment obligations online.

Save £1,000s and Prepay TODAY

Funeral Insurance

Funeral insurance gives your family a lump sum payment to cover for all the funeral as well associated expenses. The average cost of a funeral is roughly £8,000 in 10 years time!  This makes the funeral affordability a tricky matter, without funeral insurance. You can buy the online insurance cover in very few minutes and as soon as you’re approved, your cover starts immediately.

For instance most funeral insurance acknowledges automatic acceptance of anyone between the ages of 45-75, It guarantees no complicated forms or medicals, individual choice of cover. This Funeral Insurance offers you the choice to fix your premium to avoid increase as a result of your age. It ensures quick and easy claims process.

It doesn’t guarantee premiums from age 85. It has joint and single policies available and you can decide to receive an early pay-out in case of terminal illness. It also guarantees you a free will kit to get your affairs in order.

The average cost of a funeral is for sure so colossal, but if necessary precautions are followed, you deserve a happy life, here it is guaranteed. For more information visit the product disclosure statement.


The Benefits of Using a Funeral Planning and Packages Service

One inevitably of life is that we will all die. The only thing that cannot be predicted is when. What we can do though is to take action now, and to start planning for our own funeral.

One way in which to plan for your own funeral is to use one of the many funeral planning services that are currently on offer. Co-operative Funeral Insurance, Age Uk and Dignity are just a few of the companies out there that provide prepaid funeral plans.

Why Use a Funeral Package Service?

Funeral planning services are there to help you plan and to organise your funeral today, so that your loved ones will not have the responsibility once you die. What the service ultimately offers is peace of mind in knowing that everything will be taken care of, leaving your loved ones to focus on the grieving process rather than that of financial responsibility.

What Are Prepaid Funeral Plans?

A prepaid funeral plan is when you pay in advance for your funeral. This can be via set monthly payments over one or several years, several months or as a one off payment. Different plans offer varying payment options, so you need to find the right one for you. What they do all offer though is financial stability, as the price stated for the funeral on the day that you take out your plan will not change. This means that even with rising inflation, your funeral costs will be frozen.

The Rising Costs of Funerals

It is well known that by 2020 the average funeral cost will have risen to £4,600 +  from today’s costs of £3,600. Therefore taking out a prepaid funeral plan today from one of the many funeral planning services that are available will save you and your family a lot of money.

There really are many financial benefits in using funeral planning services. Find the right prepaid funeral plan for you today.