Do Over 50s Pre Paid Funeral Plans Really Save you Money?

As we get older comes the dawning realisation that we need to start saving for own funeral. After all this is the one known factor about life. We either pay for our own funeral before we die, or we leave behind our loved ones with the financial responsibility, and none of us want to do so.

So, if you are over 50 and you have not yet paid for your funeral, or started to pay for your funeral, then the time to do so is now.

Many people who are aged over 50 are unsure about over 50s funeral plans, as many wonder if they really do save you money? However, the short answer to this question is yes, they do.

Protect your loved ones from rising funeral costs

People are Living Longer

Life expectancy today is on average much longer than it was twenty years ago. A woman who turns 65 today can expect to live until she is around 86 years of age, and for a man the age is 84 years of age. Therefore long gone are the days when 65 was considered old. Therefore when people ask the question, if taking out an over 50s funeral plan is worthwhile, then the answer has to be yes.

Rising Funeral Costs

It is estimated that over the next ten years the cost of a funeral will rise by over 6 percent, and that by 2025 the cost of an average funeral will be around the £4,000 mark. Therefore by acting now, you will save money. This is because when you set up a pre paid funeral plan, the amount is set on that day. So even with the rising costs of funerals, you will still only pay what your funeral agreement states. The stark message here, is that the longer you take to set up a funeral plan, the more it will cost you.


Flexibility of Payments

One of the major positives about pre paid funeral plans is that they are incredibly flexible, allowing you to pay over alternative time scales. For example, you may choose to pay for your funeral over 12 months or alternatively a few years. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

Plans for the Over 50s Funeral plans

Many people believe that it can be difficult to find a pre paid funeral plan if you are over 50, but this is simply not true. There are many plans out there, you just need to find the right one for you in terms of budget and what it offers. So do your homework. Examples include Age UK, Dignity, Co Operative Funerals, Golden Leaves and Perfect Choice. You do need to check the small print in order to find the best possible plan at the cheapest monthly rates.

If you are aged 50 or over, then the time to start thinking about paying for your funeral is now. There are so many over 50s funeral plans out there for you to chose from. Good Luck.

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Full Reason to Get a Over 50s Funeral Plan Today

Step By Step Funeral Plans for Over 50s

Funeral plans
The best funeral plans for over 50s safeguards your family against escalating funeral costs. A noble funeral plan ensures that your general arrangements and basic costs are rightfully met, such that, when the time is right, your loved ones will worry not about the funeral costs. It is quite simple to see this through. There are three comprehensive funeral plans from which to choose; to suit your pocket and needs. You can live happily ever after.

From Each of the Below Plans, you can Either Choose Cremation or A Burial:

The Standard Plan covers traditional funeral basic costs.

  • The Select Plan is exclusively unique. It covers the cost of a high quality coffin including a limousine to share the extra cosiness amongst your loved ones at such a trying moment.
  • The Premier Plan is an all-inclusive plan. It covers a superior coffin and two limousines, which is entirely magnificent in case you have a big family.

Considering perfect funeral plans for over 50s, there are certain costs beyond the control of our funeral directors. For instance, the clergy as well as doctors’ fees and even the service at a local cemetery or crematorium. It’s therefore understandable that we don’t cover everything. Nevertheless, we arrange for an allowance towards such costs which rises yearly. This enables as ensure maximum cover to our clients to the very best.

Over 50s Prepaid Funeral Plans

Prepaid funeral plans for over 50s make financial sense. You could actually save a lot of cash by safeguarding against any prospective upswing in funeral costs for services included in the plan. For instance, prepaid funeral plan for over 50s is delivered by Dignity Pre Arrangement Limited, which is a world class company.


Prepaying your Funeral Costs:

Gives you a fixed price plan, whereby, you pay the quoted price on the application form, except if supplementary services are requested.
Safeguards your family from additional worries

This prepaid funeral plan enables you to freeze the funeral cost and supplementary service costs following the plan at today’s prices, ensuring absolute protection against potentially escalating funeral costs.

Prepaid Funeral Plan Has Incessant Benefits Including:

  1. It’s very flexible. You can pay through instalments or with a lump sum.
  2. It’s very straight forward. You can wilfully apply if you are aged over 50 years. You are guaranteed no medical questions.
  3. It’s practical, in that all the quoted arrangements in the plan are seen through.

In the past decade, the average funeral cost has escalated 45%. At some point, every funeral has to be covered for, most importantly is the time you pay the funeral costs. That determines how much you pay. With the best funeral plan, you can cover the cost efficiently, consequently protecting your family a great deal of cash in the future.

Commencing Early funeral plans for over 50s

courtesy of pre-paid funeral plans is a quick and simple mode of putting your affairs in order. Brilliant and early planning safeguards your loved ones from the worry of getting it right, stress as well as the expense of arranging the funeral themselves.

Choose today the kind of funeral you would like to have by guaranteeing your wishes are recorded for loved ones. Enjoy the happy life you have always wanted, without worry, by committing to prepaid funeral plans for over 50s today.

Funeral plans for over 50s

The funeral plans for over 50s is a prepaid policy that pays a fixed amount when you inevitably pass on. They are usually invested with funeral costs for the future when working out a funeral plan, that is why they are known as funeral expenses plans.

The major benefits of funeral plans for over 50s are that they allow you a financial advantage as it freezes all costs at today prices so if you dont need for 25 years you could save as much as £7000 or over

Over 50s plans also benefit for having the guaranteed acceptance with no need for complicated and stressful medical forms for health checks.

Those monthly premiums are at their lowest which makes it all the more affordable and best option.

They have the guarantee to pay at the end of the policy. Do check the small print carefully though as sometimes these things can vary, depending on where you go to arrange the policy.

Thinking of a funeral plans for over 50s? Anytime is a good time to start.

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