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Sold Funeral Prepaid Plans in The UK

There was over 150,000 prepaid funeral plans sold in 2014 and over one million funeral plans now in existence in the UK


TOP 50 Facts

Cremated or Buried

A poll carried out on behalf of Engage Mutual in 2012 found that 51% of people said they would like to be cremated and 19% said they would like to be buried, while 30% of people were unsure of their preferences upon death.

Poll in 2012

51% Cremated
19% Buried
30% Unsure

Burial Space

In 2013, 25% of peoples bodies, close to 133,500, were then buried. If the UK proportion of people being buried remains at this level by 2030 there will be a full demand for well over 143,200 burial plots required, a full increase in the uk at a demand of 16.9%

Buried Stats

2013    25% near to 133,500
2030    Demand for  143,200

Environment Agency

If you want to be buried on private land, have your ashes scattered at sea,or scattered or buried in a public place you’ll need to check with the Environment Agency first.

Burial Preferences

UK burial preferences have changed over time. In 1960 less than 40% of bodies were cremated yet by 2013 this figure had risen to 75%


Continue to Rise

Looking forward, if funeral costs continue to rise at the pace seen in the last decade, by 2024 the cost of a simple funeral will have almost doubled to £6,713

Government Payments

in 2012-13 there were 66,000 applications for Funeral Payments in Great Britain but only 35,000 (53%) of these were successful.

Funeral Debt

It has been estimated that 109,000 UK adults incurred funeral debt in 2013 funeral debt is where money has been borrowed to cover the cost of a funeral, with the average funeral debt standing at £1,305 per person been out of pocket !

Funeral Cost More

Report from aYouGov poll, said of the 46% of people who said that the funeral cost a lot ‘more’ than expected, 28% of people borrowed funds from friends or family & 20% went into debt to pay for it, by getting a loan / overdraft  or using a credit card. Based on figures it’s been estimated that 109,000 UK adults have incurred funeral debt


Rising Costs of Funerals over the years

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Whats is A Prepaid Funeral Plan ?

A Prepaid Funeral Plan

is an up-front cost of your funeral. It ensures your relatives don’t have to cover the costs themselves or use the money from your existing estate.

Prepaid funeral plans can be obtained from a funeral-plan provider or subsequently from your funeral director or a specialist future advisor who can compare whole of market to recommend the best quality deals for you direct

Whichever choice you choose, you have the option of paying a lump sum or paying through monthly instalments which is usual held between one to ten years.

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Whats is The Average Funeral Cost at Todays Prices ?

The Average UK Lump Sum

for a funeral is between 3,000 to 5,000 pounds at 2015 prices, but this can vary depending on what you have chosen to include.

When it comes to getting a funeral plan, not everything is included and depending on your provider it will vary. With most a limousine procession, church service and viewings of the deceased are often covered. However, the cost of flowers and burial plots are often left out. Therefore meaning that the rest may have to be covered by your remaining family.

It is essential that your check with your provider what is and isn’t covered in your plan, and if necessary make amendments.

full future planning for a funeral


We Have Had Funeral Ceremonies

Since times immemorial. For most human’s early history, funeral ceremonies were closely knit family affairs but about 200 years ago a lot changed. Due to advancements in transportation technology, family members who died a long way from home could be transported back home for proper burial. The rise of funeral costs started here.

  • A comparison of funeral costs between 1915 and 2015 tells quite the story.
  • A wooden casket in 1915 cost around £30.
  • At around 1950, metal caskets were introduced into the funeral services industry.
  • The transition from wooden coffins to metal ones increased the cost of funerals dramatically.
  • A metal casket now costs around 50 times that of a wooden one.
  • Funeral facts show that 90% of the dead are buried in metal caskets with wealthy individuals buried in caskets made of precious metals that may cost up to £30,000.

Since Transport of the Body Would Take a Long Time

A few processes had to be conducted to ensure the body arrived in a state worthy for burial. Processes such as embalming were invented and the family had to pay for such specialized labour. Funeral facts show that there are more funeral services statistics in the past ten years than the rest of history combined.

  • Transportation of the coffin via hired coaches in 1915 was £16
  • while it costs about £200 to hire a hearse now.
  • A newspaper notice was £1.35 a hundred years ago.
  • It now costs £200.

Statistics Over The Past Few Years Paint a Much Grimmer Picture.

Average funeral costs rose by 80% between 2004 and 2014. In 2007, there was a total expenditure of £2.5 billion on funeral costs. This amount has been increasing steadily. Cremation has also greatly contributed to the increase in funeral costs.

  • The average cost of a funeral in 1915 was around £80
  • while now an average funeral costs around £7,000.
  • This means that funerals costs have doubled for almost every year in the past century. A lot of expenses have come into the fray whose necessity should be questioned.
  • For example graveyard headstones and monuments have changed in both materials used and their design. This has affected their prices in dramatic fashion.
  • In 2015 headstones and monuments cost anywhere from £500 to £12,000.
  • 100 years ago, body preservation before the funeral was mainly done by embalming which cost about £7.
  • With the refrigeration of bodies in modern society, body preservation could cost an average of £35 a day.

According to Funeral Facts from the International Longevity Centre,

Cremation costs rose by about 50% between 2007 and 2013.Rising energy prices are the largest contributor to rising cremation costs. Certain legislation affecting cremation is also to blame.

  • Moreover, burial costs increased by 70% between 2007 and 2013 because burial space is becoming a precious commodity.
  • Church costs have shown the sharpest increase. Funeral facts indicate that church costs doubled between 2008 and 2013.

The demand for funeral directors has also increased. They also have a lot of pricing power in their hands which is proven by the fact that the cost to hire a funeral director has risen by a compounded rate of almost 5% each year from 2008 to 2013.

Funeral facts clearly show that the cost of funerals is rising at a rate faster than inflation in most places in the UK.

Prepaid Funeral Plans policies take care of funeral costs; 10-20  national companies offer such policy. These funeral plans have greatly reduced the funeral costs in coming years :-)

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