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What Will a Funeral Cost Me?

The cost of arranging a funeral is on the rise, so it’s no wonder that many people are asking how much is a funeral going to set them back. Recent evidence has shown that a typical funeral can now cost around £7,000, however this depends very much on the type of funeral that you are wanting, the services you require and the extras that you want to organise. Here are some of the average costings for aspects that many people wish to have included in their funeral, so if you want to know how much is a funeral going to cost, read on.


Funeral Director

Most people use a funeral director to make all the necessary arrangements. Their services include storing the body as well as providing staff, a coffin and a hearse for the day of the funeral itself. These services cost an average of £1,800.

Burial or Cremation

Depending on whether the deceased wishes to be buried or cremated, this could add around £1,750 to the total cost, with cremation being cheaper at around £660. You may need to pay extra if you require the services of a minister – around £160, and a headstone or memorial may be another £770.

Doctor’s Fee

If the deceased is being cremated, you will need to pay a doctor’s fee to certify the death. This costs around £165.


If you wish to arrange floral arrangements for the funeral service, this could cost around £150 depending on how extravagant you wish the display to be.


If you wish to announce the death in a newspaper or obituary column, this could cost you around £70. If you then wish to post a second announcement with the time and date of the funeral listed, this could cost another £65.


If you wish the family members to arrive at the church or crematorium together, you may need to arrange a limousine for the mourners. This can cost around £230.

Order of Service

If you wish to produce a professional order of service for the funeral, this could cost around £60.

Venue and Catering

If you are holding a wake or reception after the funeral, you will need to arrange a venue and pay for catering. This can cost around £400.

As you can see, the answer to “how much is a funeral going to cost?” comes to a very high figure, so it makes sense to take out a funeral insurance plan to protect your loved ones from this expense.

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